Dstv Explora Ultra Installation

Ultra Technologies provides reliable and qualified Dstv Explora Ultra Installations. Our DStv accredited installers are available daily to help you with decoder installations and fix your signal problems. 

Dstv Explora Ultra

The Explora Ultra is the latest Dstv decoder at this present moment, launched in January 2021. This Explora Ultra decoder comes with new unique features, including built-in access to Netflix and other popular streaming apps.
Streaming Apps.

  • Built-in Wifi.
  • Watch Catch Up.
  • Record up to 110 hours.
  • Pause live TV for 2 hours
  • Rent BoxOffice movies.
  • Extra view capable.
  • Support HD, 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos.
Dstv Explora Ultra Installation. Ultra Technologies

What are the required devices and equipment for Dstv Explora Ultra Installation?

A recommended Dstv Explora Ultra Installation requires a Smart LNB with an 80cm satellite dish kit. This recommendation is for stand-alone houses. Then at a communal set-up whereby you share the same dish, a Smart Switch will be required. In addition, you will also need a coaxial cable (RG6 65Braid recommended) and a signal finder machine if you are installing it on your own.

We highly recommend hiring a professional DStv installer. Professional installers have all the equipment and instruments required for the installation. They can adjust your satellite dish in the best possible location for better quality signals. Proper dish installation ensures the best signal quality.

How to connect Explora Decoder using a Smart LNB?

If you have decided to install your own Dstv Explora Ultra, we recommend following the steps down below only if you are technical.

Step 1: Choose the right site to mount your satellite dish.

Choose the right site to mount your satellite dish. When choosing an area to mount your satellite dish, it must be: free from obstacles like trees and buildings, high enough so that people cant disturb it when passing through, able to face the east side freely

Step 2: Align your satellite dish

To find a satellite signal, you need to rotate your satellite dish for horizontal adjustment, followed by vertical adjustment for elevation. Use your signal finder machine for a better quality signal. Please note that your satellite dish needs to align to the correct angle, and it is 68.5E (Intelsat 20) for DStv services.

Step 3: Connect the Signal Cable

Connect the RG6 cable to the Unicable port of a Smart LNB using an F-connector. Then at the back of your DStv Explora Ultra, connect to a port written Unicable in. You can also plug in the HDMI cable and power cable at this moment and then switch on your TV set.

Step 4: Getting Connected

Run the installation wizard and follow the steps in the wizard. Use a Quick Set-up option and wait for the three tuners to show blue bars of the signal before you initiate the scan. After the scanning process, make sure channel 100 is playing. Then contact Multichoice to activate the decoder.

How do I connect my DStv Explora Ultra using Smart Switch?

Use a Twin LNB or a Quad LNB when connecting a Dstv Explora Decoder through a Dstv Smart-Switch. When using a Twin LNB, connect two RG6 cables to LNB ports. Then on the Dstv Smart-Switch, connect to the input ports marked VL and HL. Then the Smart-Switch converts the Universal Signal from the Twin LNB into Unicable Signal so that there will be one cable going to the Dstv Explora.
Connect a single cable from the Smart-Switch Unicable output port marked A. Then it goes straight to the back of your decoder on the Unicable LNB input port.

When using a Quad LNB, connect four cables from the LNB to the Dstv Multi-Switch. On the Dstv Smart-Switch, you should plug them into the input ports marked VL, HL, VH & HH. Then the rest of the connections are the same as you using a Twin LNB.

Connect your decoder to your TV using HDMI cable or RCA cable. Then switch on your decoder and run the installation wizard.