DStv Communal Installations

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A Dstv Communal Installation is a system whereby one satellite dish installed to distribute the Dstv signal to several units in Complexes, Estates, Guest Houses, Offices, or Hotels. To summarize, a Dstv communal installation uses one dish to serve several users.

Ultra Technologies provides accredited installers with a lot of experience in Communal System Installations. We are always available to assist you with recommendations and the services you might need. Our services starts from planning stages up to installations and Dstv Communal Upgrades and fixing existing system.

Types Of DStv Communal Installation Systems

Unicable SATCR Single Cable System

Single-cable distribution technology enables Dstv users to recieve one coaxial cable from the antenna to provide independent tuning across the whole range of satellite reception for each tuner. Unicable SATCR Single Frequency is one of the newest technologies used to run Unicable Frequencies and Universal Frequencies on the same cable. That means users do not have to use any frequency settings or switches. It is a plug-and-play system for all decoders such as DStv Explora, DStv HD decoders, OVHD decoders, and old models of Dstv Decoders.

Dstv Over Fibre

The DStv Over Fibre System is the distribution of Dstv satellite signals via fibre optic cables. It offers technical and economic advantages, especially for large distances/distribution networks and almost loss-free signal transmission. The installation can be done with one central dish system to over 1000 houses and can serve a radius of 10km without any signal degradation. In addition, the system works with conventional LNBs, and it is easy to convert existing systems to optical systems.


The MATV system (Master Antenna TV system) utilizes a network of cables and components that process and amplify Dstv, DTT, and FM signals in one central location. Then distribute the signal to multiple TVs using a single cable system to each TV point. Also, MATV systems distribute HD signals over coax cable that enables your guests to experience the best picture quality. The MATV installation is for hospitality environments such as Hotels and Guest Houses. But can also be designed for Corporate Offices, Medical Centres, and Sports and Entertainment environments.


On SMATV system, we install a satellite dish and TV antennae to receive programming from satellite providers and local broadcast networks. These antennas feed into several racks of electronic equipment which tune in the channels you choose for your cable lineup and combine them into a single cable signal. This feed can also include local sources such as in-house channels such as campus TV and billboard channels. If you have existing cables, the changeover is often as simple as disconnecting the cable company feed and plugging the new system.

Dstv Sat IP

The DStv SAT IP server is a new IP-based architecture for receiving and distributing DStv satellite TV and Audio Channels and is the most cost-effective distribution solution for your Guest House, Hotel, Safari Lodge, Sports Bar, Stadium, Office park, Mall, Staff Quarters, Living Compound, Educational or Health care facility. In addition, its a solution that can seamlessly integrate over a Cat5e/6 Ethernet Network with a DStv HD Decoder at each TV point, limited to 23 DStv HD Decoders per SAT>IP server. Digital services such as telephony, internet, and DStv can be available over the same network.

Dstv Frequency Distribution System

DStv Frequency Distribution systems use dual lines on Communal DStv installations. They can serve an area of 1 km in radius on flats or single buildings with many apartments. In instances of many flats in the same residential area, each building will have its separate system. Although this communal installation system is common in South Africa, it is becoming outdated since it doesn’t support DStv high band frequencies

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