Dstv communal installation for a complex

Dstv Communal Installations

A Dstv Communal Installation is a system whereby one satellite is installed to distribute Dstv signal to a number of units in Complexes, Estates, Guest Houses, Offices, or Hotels. To summarize, a Dstv communal installation uses one dish to serve a numbers of users.

Ultra technologies provides accredited installers with a lot of experience in Communal System Installations. We are available to assist you with recommendations and all the services you might need as from planning stages up to installations. As well as, Dstv Communal Upgrades and fixing existing installations.  

Types Of Dstv Communal Installations

There is several types of Dstv Communal Setups. They vary according to the type and size of the property. These Include:

  1. Unicable SATCR – Single Cable Installation
  2. Dstv Over Fibre
  3. Dstv DVB Over IP
  4. Dstv IF Distribution (SMATV)
  5. Dstv Frequency Distribution System

How Unicable SATCR - Single Cable Installation works?

  • Installation is done using one Cental Dish Installation
  • It is used to operate HD, HD PVR as well as Explora decoders
  • There is no need for users to use a switch and also to change frequency settings
  • This is a plug and play system for modern Dstv decoders.
  • Only a single cable runs into a unit/room unlike Universal cable system 

How Dstv Over Fibre Works?

  • Installation is done with one central dish system
  • Supports SD, HD, HD PVR and Explora Decoders as well as Internet
  • Can be installed to over 1000 houses or apartments
  • It serve an area of over 10km radius without any signal degradation 
  • This system requires less maintenance and almost zero power consumption

How Dstv DVB over IP Works?

  • Enables customers to receive DStv services over a closed multicast Internet Protocol (IP) network
  • Channels are distrubuted though Dstv IP Decoders
  • Both SD and HD channels are supported
  • The systems is mainly used in Hotels, Shopping Malls and Office Complexes
  • Digital services such as telephony, internet and DStv can be made available over the same physical network

How does Dstv IF Distribution (SMATV) works?

  • Can uses multiple satellites and broadcast signals to create a single integrated signal cable.
  • Also used to run Dstv SD, HD, HD PVR and Explora Decoders
  •  Users needs to change decoder frequencies according to SMATV frequency settings