Extra TV Points Installation done outside on the rest area

Extra Tv Points Installations

Extra TV Points Installation setup is where by additional TV’s are connected to view the same picture being shown on the main TV room. This setup is mainly used on a house with many rooms and a TV is required in each every room. And also, in offices, hotels, and guest houses where Dstv decoders are being installed in a server room and all the TV’s are getting a feed from the same decoders.

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How to connect your Extra TV Points to Dstv?

There is a number of ways to connect your Extra TV Points to your Dstv decoders. And also, they differ depending with the type of your Dstv installation, your affordability, and types of TV’s. These ways include:

Connecting Using RG6 Cable

When installing one extra TV. Your RG6 cable also known as coaxial cable will be connected direct from RF output of your decoder to your TV on the antenna input.Then, when installing to more than one extra TV point, a splitter is required along the way. Your RG6 cable will run through a splitter whereby it will be splitted to different TV’s.

Connecting using RCA cables

If connecting to one extra TV, you only need RCA cable also known as AV cable which is long enough to reach the other side. RCA cables will be connected to AV output of your decoder straight to your TV AV Inputs. In addition, put your TV on AV source to receive picture and sound using your TV remote. When installing to more than one extra TV, an AV splitter is required.

Connecting using HDMI cables

Extra TV Points Installation using HDMI cable is a bit different since the main TV will also be using HDMI. So you will require HDMI splitter which will split your cables into 2 or more. As a result, your main TV and your Extra TV”s will get will get feed from the HDMI splitter. 

However, running HDMI cables to extra TV points is to much expensive especially when there are far from the decoder. And also, HDMI cables suffer from signal degradation at longer lengths. Therefore, its be better to use Cat 6 cables if you want to maintain your HD picture quality.

Connecting using Cat 6 cables

Connecting Extra TV Points using Cat 6 cables is the ultimate solution if you want HD picture quality.