Dstv Decoders that you can link in Extra View Installation

Extra View Installation

Extra View Installation gives you the ultimate flexibility and allows you to link two or three decoders under the same subscription. This lets you cater for everyone in your family. What’s more – you still only pay one subscription (with an Access Fee for each ExtraView decoder).

When ExtraView is set up, you can watch sport in the lounge, while the younger kids watch cartoons in the bedroom and the rest of the family watch movies in the TV room. ExtraView is guaranteed to keep the whole family happy. Extra View also allows Dstv subscribers to record different shows at the same time on separate decoders.

What is 3rd Viewing Setup?

Third Viewing is a situation whereby you link 3 decoders in an Extra View Setup. In a 3rd viewing environment setup, the Dstv Explora will always be installed. In addition, the Dstv Explora must set as the primary (main) decoder. The Primary decoder communicates with the secondary 1 and secondary 2 through Heartbeat.
3rd Viewing Setup connected using a smart LNB and Heartbeat cable

What is Heartbeat?

Dstv Extra View Heartbeat is the communication sent every 30 seconds from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder(s). Secondary decoder(s) must not lose the Heartbeat for more than 3 minutes because they will stop showing pictures. Therefore, the primary decoder must always stay on so that you won’t loose pictures on secondary decoders.

How many ways of Connecting Extra View?

There are so many different ways of connecting Dstv Extra View. These ways are determined by the types of decoders or installation type that you have. Let’s say you stay in an apartment where there is a communal system, your Extra View installation will be different from the ones who uses their own dishes. Ways of connecting Extra View include: connecting using a Dstv Smart LNB, Heartbeat Cable, Heartbeat Splitters, Diplexers, Dstv Explora Multi-Switch.

It is recommended by Multichoice to use accredited installers when connecting to Dstv Extra View Setup. Hire our approved Dstv Installers to help you out in your Dstv Extra View Installation.  

How to connect Dstv Extra View using Smart LNB?

Dstv Smart LNB is the eye that you see mounted on Dstv Satellite Dish, where the signal cable is connected. It allows newer models of Explora and HD decoders to be connected in Extra View setup without a Heartbeat Cable. In addition, Heartbeat will be sent through the signal cable via the Dstv Smart LNB. Therefore, this is one of the smartest ways of connecting Dstv Extra View because you will be using one cable.

However, when connection a combination of latest decoders and old decoders a heartbeat cable(s) or Diplexer(s) are needed. More so, the Dstv Smart LNB is only used when you are using your own Satellite Dish.

How to connect Dstv Extra View using Heartbeat Cable?

Heartbeat Cable is the coaxial cable (dstv white cable) which links the Extra View decoders. So that there will be a communication between primary and secondary decoder(s). The communication between the decoders is needed to ensure that you only pay for one subscription. 

It is mainly used when connecting old decoder models with RF ports. Furthermore, it is also used when connecting a combination of older decoders that doesn’t work with a Smart LNB. 

How to connect Dstv Extra View using Diplexer?

Diplexers are used to combine signal cables and heartbeat cable into one cable to reduce cables in an Extra View Installation. It is more useful in homes that are already wired with one cable because it eliminates the need to install a second cable. At the back of your decoder, there will be 2 cables connected on the RF port and LNB port. Then, they will go into the diplexer so that they will combine into one cable which will go to the Smart LNB.   

Which decoders are compatible in Extra View Installation?

All decoders are ExtraView capable, although older decoders can give problems when linked with new models because of software upgrades, so please check the possible decoder combinations at dstv.com or contact our DStv Accredited Installers.

What are the advantages of connecting Dstv Extra View?

  • Extra view saves you money because you can have an additional viewing environment without paying an extra subscription.
  • Each room connected to Extra View will have access to all live TV services independently.
  • It also grants you the best picture quality to all TV’s, since the decoders are situated next to each TV in the different rooms.
  • There is as well an option to connect Extra TV points using RF Out ports or AV output ports.
  • You can record up to 3 different live channels at the same time whilst watching 3 more different channels.
  • More so, you can change TV channels independently without disturbing other viewers. 

Why you should hire Ultra-Technologies?

  • Service – your trained and professional Dstv technician will turn up on time and smiling
  • Safety – your technicians comes highly trained and will always follow our strict safety procedures
  • Quality – we supply and use top-quality materials, backed by warranties
  • Speed – get it faster with our same day installation service
  • Neatness – our technicians will always leave your site clean
  • Expertise – we’ll install your Extra View just right so it doesn’t give you problems later
  • Advice – you can ask us anything about Extra View Installation and we’ll give you our professional opinion

Some of the questions we'll ask when you book for Extra View Installation

  1. How many decoders, you want to be connected?
  2. Is it a new installation, or you have an existing installation?
  3. What type of decoders do you have?
  4. Do you already have the decoders, or you want us to come with?
  5. Are you having your own satellite dish, or you are using a communal dish? Or else, you want us to supply a new satellite dish?
  6. Do you need us to install Extra TV Points?
  7. What time are you available for us?