TV Wall Mounting

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Getting your TV mounted on the wall or on the floating TV wall unit it’s now the modern way of decorating your living space. Although, it’s not just about drilling the walls and hang the TV to the wall. There are some factors to consider when drilling holes as pipes runs inside the walls. We highly recommend hiring professionals to help you with the mounting and the installation of the TV. DIY does work sometimes though there is a high risk involved when something goes wrong.

Ultra Technologies offers sustainable solutions on common problems faced by most TV owners. We also help with professional recommendations about where and how to mount a large flat-screen television in a room with limited space and the ideal mounting position.

Do You Want DStv Installation And TV Wall Mounting Services?

Ultra Technologies provide world-class TV Wall Mounting services and our technicians are well trained professionals with many years of experience. We also supply brackets and quality DStv Installation equipment that will not cost you much. More so, we ensure that your work is completed efficiently in time and our workmanship comes with a great guarantee.


If you mount the TV off to one side, it will be uncomfortable to view and can even result in neck strain if you binge-watch a lot. Therefore, you will want the TV to be placed directly across from your primary seating position and not off to the left or the right … so get it right in the middle!
Even when centered, TVs are often mounted too high. For aesthetic reasons, you may want that TV over your fireplace, but trust me, it is the wrong place to mount it. For a comfortable viewing experience, you want your eyes (at a seated position) to be at the center of the TV.


Flash Mount

Flat mount. It is the right choice if you can mount the TV at the correct height and do not need to angle the TV to watch it from different positions. You should know that if you need to mount anything behind the TV like a DStv Decoder, Apple TV®, or HDMI Matrix Box, you will have zero room for these devices.

Tilt Mount

 Tilt Mount. A tilting bracket will allow you to tilt the TV downward when you have to position the TV too high. That is above the center of your eyes when seated. Probably, this is your only mount option if your TV has to be too high.

Swivel Mount

Swivel Mount. It allows you to pull the TV from the wall and swivel it towards a secondary viewing area. More so, in rooms with limited space, you can to mount your TV anywhere. The upside to an articulating mount is that it makes it very easy to service the TV and plug/unplug devices.

Problems Associated With TV Wall Mounting and Some Of Our Solutions.

The most common problem for TV Wall mounting is where and how to mount a large television in a room with limited space and with the ideal mounting position already taken by a dressing table or cupboard.

Solution; our technicians carry a wide range of TV wall mount brackets so they can mount a television at any position. These include swivel brackets that allows a television to be mount on a corner at any angle needed to face your bed or favorite chair. More so, tilt brackets can be used to mount high above your dressing table, so that the TV screen will be perpendicular flat to your line of sight.

Another problem is where there is no power socket or aerial point close to where the TV has be mounted.

Fortunately, we can run an extension cord and signal cable and neatly attach it to the skirting board. We can also hide unsightly cables in trunking (tubes) to keep your home looking neat.

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