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Ultra-Technologies Dstv Installers Centurion is an authorized digital service provider of all types of Dstv Installations. Also, servicing all types of Dstv Subscribers, be it commercial, residential or communal. Furthermore, we are Accredited Dstv Installers with a lot of experience. We specialize in new Dstv Installations through to UpgradesServices, and Repairs. In addition, our Dstv Installers will give professional advice in regard to your Dstv Installation. Most importantly, our objective is to bring you the very best in HD Digital Satellite Television technology.

We do offer the following Services:

  • Dstv Explora Decoder Installations
  • Standard & HD Decoders Installations
  • Extra View & Triple View Installations
  • Fixing Signal Problems
  • Extra TV Points Installations
  • Surround Sound Installations & Configurations
  • Fiber to Dstv Installations
  • Communal, Hotels, Guest Houses Installations
  • Dstv Cable, Installations Accessories Replacements
  • Satellite Dish Mounting, Alignments, & Re-locations
  • TV, Decoder & Projector Mountings
  • Upgrades and Repairs

We can also supply, Dstv Decoders, Satellite Dish Kits, LNB’s, Dstv Cables, and all Dstv installation accessories.

Ultra Technologies Professional Technicians can also assist you with extra services like connecting your:

*PlayStation* *Apple TV Box* *Android TV Box* *Xbox* *Blu-ray Player* *DVD Player* *HIFI* *Smart TV Configuration* etc.

Our Professional Dstv Installers in Centurion

Our Technicians are professionals, above all, they are well-trained in all Dstv Installations with many years of experience. As well, our Dstv Installers are also Reliable, therefore they will assist you in time. They are friendly, and they can give you professional technical advice on all your Dstv Installations. Every customer has different requirements, therefore our accredited installers make sure that they meet those requirements. Contact us today and enjoy a professional service.

We offer the best Dstv Deals that you can afford

We are approved to supply Dstv installation accessories. Therefore, our Dstv Installations in Centurion are very much affordable. We also keep stock for Dstv installation accessories so that our technicians are always fully equipped for your job.

In addition, we provide world-class services and supply quality products that will not cost you much. Moreover, our installations and repairs are durable. So, don’t hesitate to book for an appointment now.

Dstv Installers Centurion supplies installation accessories

Why you should hire Ultra-Technologies?

  • Service – your trained and professional Dstv technician will turn up on time and smiling
  • Safety – your technicians comes highly trained and will always follow our strictly safety procedures
  • Quality – we supply and use top-quality materials, backed by warranties
  • Speed – get it faster with our same day installation service
  • Neatness – our technicians will always leave your site clean
  • Expertise – we’ll install your Dstv just right so it doesn’t gives you problems later
  • Advice – you can ask us anything about Dstv Installation and we’ll give you our professional opinion

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What causes E48-32 Error Message?

E48-32 together with the message “There is no signal. This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection during the installation ” is the most common Dstv error code most people experience. In most instances, this caused by loss of signal from your satellite dish or a faulty LNB. To solve this problem, first check if all your connections are being tightly connected the right way. And so, if the problem persist, please contact our Dstv Accredited installers at 0746643770

How to clear E143-4 Error Message?

E143-4 Error message, This is a Heartbeat communication error from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder or the second secondary decoder. In most cases, this caused by a faulty heartbeat cable, faulty splitter, or wrong Extra View Installation.  To fix this error, first determine if the primary decoder is switched on then check all of your connections and your Signal Quality as well. If the problem persist, please contact our Dstv Accredited Installers at 0746643770

Why am i loosing Signal on certain channels?

Most Dstv Subscribers face this problem which is caused by Low Signal Quality (below 50%). When you are using a Twin LNB, one of the signal cables might be defective. And so, if it is a matter of Low Signal Quality then you need to Realign the Dish.  As well, if it is a faulty cable you will need to replace it. Call Multichoice Accredited Installers to help you out at 0746643770.

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