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Dstv Installers Bedfordview

Ultra Technologies provides professional Dstv Installers in Bedfordview. We are an authorized digital service provider of all types of Dstv Installations. In other words, we are Accredited to service all types of users, be it residential, commercial, and communal. As long as you need a Dstv service, our approved technicians are always available at short notices. In addition, we provide professional service in regard to your Dstv Installation.

Accredited Dstv Installers

We provide the best Dstv Accredited Installers in Bedfordview who offer professional services to our clients. More so, we ensure that our technicians are well-trained by Multichoice so that wherever they go they leave a good reputation. By the same token, our approved installers make sure that you get fast, reliable, and affordable installations.

If you need the best and affordable service. Then, you should hire our Approved Dstv Installers in Bedfordview. As a matter of fact, our technicians will help you in a time that suits you.


Our Dstv Installation Services Includes:

Our Professional Technicians can also assist you with extra services like connecting your:

*PlayStation* *Apple TV Box* *Android TV Box* *Xbox* *Blu-ray Player* *DVD Player* *HIFI* *Smart TV Configuration* etc.


Affordable And Reliable Installations

We are approved to supply Dstv installation accessories. Therefore, our Dstv Installations prices in Bedfordview are very low. We also keep stock of Dstv installation accessories so that our technicians are always fully equipped for your job.

In addition, we provide world-class services and supply quality products that will not cost you much. Moreover, our installations and repairs are durable. So, don’t hesitate to book for an appointment now.

Dstv Extra View Installation In Bedfordview

With Dstv Extra View, you can link either two or three decoders together under one subscription. When linking three decoders, at least one decoder must be a Dstv Explora Decoder. In addition, the primary decoder must be a Dstv Explora decoder in Triple View (Third View) Setup.

Each Decoder is supposed to use the different user-band on the LNB. In that way, there won’t be a problem of intermittent viewing. Call our Accredited Installers in Bedfordview to help you installing your decoders.

Dstv installers triple extra view installation diagram

Dstv Explora Installations

Our reliable Dstv Installers provides cheap Dstv Explora Installation services. So, if you recently purchased a Dstv Explora Decoder. Then hire us to assist you with your installation. Please note: Dstv Explora decoder requires the best signal so that you access all the features. Therefore, Multichoice recommend you to use accredited installers. Call us now at 0746643770

Our Operation Area in Bedfordview

We provide Dstv installations and repairs to a lot of suburbs and the surrounding in Bedfordview. These include: Bedford Gardens, Bedford Park, Essexwold, Morninghill, Oriel, Senderwood, St Andrews, and Malvern East


Most frequent questions and answers

This is the most common DStv error code people experience, E48-32 together with the message “There is no signal. This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation”. In most cases this is caused by loss of signal from your Satellite Dish or a Fault LNB. To solve the problem. First check if all of your connections are tightly connected properly. Then, if the problem persist, please contact our Dstv Accredited Installers

E143-4 Error message, This is a Heartbeat communication error from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder or second secondary decoder. In most cases this caused by a faulty heartbeat cable, faulty splitter  or wrong Extra View Installation. To fix this error, first check if the primary decoder is switched on then check all of your connections and your Signal Quality as well. If the problem persist, please contact our Dstv Accredited Installers

It is the coolest way to keep every family member happy.  It allows watching different channels at the same time on up to three Dstv decoders under one Dstv subscription. This means a great way to save on your Dstv subscription and of course no more fighting for a remote. Further, it allows you to record different shows on separate decoders at same time

You will need two XtraView capable decoders and two or more TV sets – depending on the decoder combination you have chosen. A qualifying bouquet subscription. An upgraded installation.

There is an additional monthly access fee for XtraView. This access fee is equivalent to the one currently payable for SD PVR and Dual View decoder functionalities. Please note that if you are already paying an access fee as an SD PVR or Dual View subscriber, you will not be billed extra!

Due nature of the product, we strongly recommend that you contact a MultiChoice Accredited installer who will install and activate your XtraView network. The latest version of decoder software. The latest version of Smartcard. Once installed, activate your XtraView (if your installer has not already done so) by contacting the MultiChoice Call Centre with your subscription details, decoder details, Smartcard details, primary decoder choice and product choice. Once the call centre agent has set-up your network, they will confirm once Xtraview is activated.