DStv Installation Morningside

Ultra Technologies provides reliable and qualified Dstv Installers in Morningside. We offer complete Dstv Installations and Dstv Repairs to all types of Dstv Subscribers around Morningside. In addition, we serve all homeowners, complex owners and business owners with reasonable prices. Contact us today and get a professional service.

Professional DStv Installers in Morningside

We offer the best professional DStv Installations in Morningside. As we strive to build open and honest business relationships for our clients. More so, we ensure that they get the very best TV viewing experience. Our highly skilled and well trained DStv Installers is dedicated to provide modern Dstv Installation Solutions. That brings a total satisfaction to our customers.

In addition, we offer affordable and reliable Dstv Installations, Dstv Repairs, Dstv Maintenance and Dstv Upgrades. As well as, recommend the best solutions for your Dstv needs. For Residential Dstv Installations to Commercial Dstv Installations and Communal Dstv Installations in Morningside. Call us for Unbeatable Prices and Same Day Service at 0746643770.

Why Choose Our DStv Installers in Morningside?

  • First of all, our DStv technicians are well trained and accredited by Multichoice. More so, they provide a solid reputation for good service delivery excellence.
  • Secondly, our DStv Installation pricing in Morningside is reasonable and affordable. Since we strive for creativity and innovation that helps us gain a competitive advantage.
  • Thirdly, we value our customers by delivering ongoing technical support and after sales service. Of which all our DStv Installers are passionate to provide.
  • In addition, we guarantee our workmanship, same day service and fast turnaround. More so, we supply approved, quality and the most advanced technological DStv Installations equipment.


Our Dstv Installation Services In Morningside

Dstv HD Decoder Installations

Most of the Dstv channels are now running on HD, as the HD decoder supports the High definition picture quality technology. Getting a Dstv HD Decoder installed allows enjoying the High Definition picture quality. In addition, it gives you access to over 155 TV and Radio channels offered by Multichoice. Here is a list of the equipment required to get connected: 80cm Satellite Dish. Single/Smart LNB

Dstv Explora Installations

The Explora Ultra is the latest Dstv decoder at this present moment, launched in January 2021. This Explora Ultra decoder comes with new unique features, including built-in access to Netflix and other popular streaming apps. A recommended Dstv Explora installation requires a Smart LNB with an 80cm dish kit. In addition, a smart switch may be required for communal installations. Contact us for a quote

Extra View Installations

Extra View is the coolest way to keep every family member happy. It allows watching different channels at the same time on up to three Dstv decoders under one Dstv subscription. This means a great way to save on your Dstv subscription and of course no more fighting for a remote. Further, it allows you to record different shows on separate decoders at same time. Get in touch with us to set up your xtraview today.

Extra TV Points Installations

An extra point is when using one decoder to split or share the picture to multiple TVs. For example, let's say the decoder will be sitting in the lounge and sharing the view with the TV in one of the bedrooms or the Lapa. The most cost-effective way is when we just run a coaxial cable from the RF Out port of the decoder to the other TV(s). Another way is to use the HDMI over Cat6 extenders. This method supports full HD picture quality and audio transmitted via network cables or Cat6 cables.

Dstv Re-locations

As a way of life, it will come a time to relocate from point A to point B, either renting or owning. We know that moving houses is hectic, so we are here to help you with reconnecting your Dstv to ensure that you don't miss your favorite tv shows. Even though Dstv uses similar signals, there's a difference in the set-ups accordingly to the houses and people's choices. You can call us today on 0746643770 to take down your system from the previous home to the new home.

TV Wall Mounting

Getting your TV mounted on the wall or on the floating TV wall unit it's now the modern way of decorating your living space. Although, it's not just about drilling the walls and hang the TV to the wall. There are some factors to consider when drilling holes as pipes runs inside the walls. We highly recommend hiring professionals to help you with the mounting and the installation of the TV. DIY does work sometimes though there is a high cost involved when something goes wrong.

LNB Replacement

Ultra Technologies supply good-quality approved Dstv LNBs, and there are so many types of LNBs. More so, LNBs work according to the current system or decoders. High-quality LNB expected life span could be anything from 18 months upwards. Around 4 to 5 years should be about average depending on the quality of construction. Although, lighting, water ingress, and excess heat from the sun shorten life spans. Worn LNB contributes to the water damage of the decoder. So it's recommended to replace it before it causes any damage.

Cable Replacement

The recommended cable for Dstv Installations is RG6 Coaxial Cable 64 Braid. Coaxial cables can last up to 50 years, although the exposed part to the sun will likely reduce the lifespan up to 2 years and needs a replacement more often. Worn cables allow rainwater to flow through the Cables from the satellite dish to the decoder. We come across many situations where the decoder is water damaged due to worn cables. So it's highly recommended to get the Dstv installers to perform a routine check to avoid water from damaging your decoder.

Surround Sound Installation

Surround sound is a technology enriching quality audio reproduction for listeners by using additional audio channels. Unlike TV sound, the sound produced by surround sound technology is from a 360° radius in the two-dimensional plane. Do you need a theater-quality movie experience without going to a movie house? We can help you to set up your Surround sound system. Then you can enjoy watching your Box office and Showmax movies on your Dstv Explora decoder. Enjoy listening to your music's true sound quality from all directions.

Dstv Commercial Installations

Communal Dstv Installations in Morningside

A Dstv communal system works with 1 dish which distrubute Dstv signal to all the units in the complex. It allows anyone in any apartment to get Dstv. Depending on the engineering of the complex or estate, Dstv Communal installation type may include; Unicable SATCR single cable systems, Dstv Over Fibre, SMATV, MATV, and Dstv over IP

We provide Accredited Dstv Installers with a lot of experience in Communal Dstv Installations in Morningside. Our technical team is available to assist from beginning of planning stages up to installations. More so, Communal Dstv Upgrades and fixing existing Communal Dstv installations. 

Hotels & Guest House Dstv Installation in Morningside

Ultra Technologies is now proud to be the business partner of choice to a lot of businesses in Morningside. Delivering Commercial Dstv Installation Services for Hotels, Guest Houses, Lodges, Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Corporate and many more. 

For Commercial Dstv Installations, MATV system (Master Antenna TV system)  is the solution. It utilizes a network of cables and components that process and amplify Dstv, DTT and FM signals in one central location. Then distribute the signal to multiple TVs using a single cable system to each TV point. More so, MATV system distribute HD signals over coax cable that enables your guests to experience the best picture quality.